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All You Need to Know About Brittle Nails

Nails — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLCSome people suffer from brittle nails. This happens when the nails become soft and thin and they break, chip, or split easily. Brittle nails can be a sign of a severe medical condition such as anemia or hypothyroidism. However, brittle nails are not a cause for alarm, and a trip to your dermatologist can quickly solve the problem.

The excerpt below provides you with extensive details regarding the cause and management of brittle nails.

Causes of Brittle Nails

There are several reasons why you could have brittle nails.

Are Your Pale Patches of Skin Tinea Versicolor?

Scaly Skin — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

If you’ve noticed patches of pale and scaly skin, then you could have a common condition called tinea versicolor. Generally, this skin condition doesn’t cause serious problems, but it can be annoying and need treatment if you have a large infection. Its appearance is similar to other skin conditions, so you should have a dermatologist check it out. Here is more information about tinea versicolor, its symptoms, and effective treatments.

What to Know About Adult Acne

 Close-up of Woman with Problems of acne on Her Face — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

When many people think of acne, they picture a teenager going through puberty and dealing with the effects of hormones. However, as many adults can tell you, acne can continue to plague you throughout your life. If you are sick of struggling with adult acne, keep reading to learn what you can do to improve your complexion.

Why Do Adults Get Acne?

Skin Rashes: 7 Reasons to Call the Dermatologist

Woman with Skin Rashes in the Elbow — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

While many skin rashes are nothing to worry about, others may indicate something more serious than typical skin irritation or sunburn. A number of external and internal factors can result in, or even exacerbate, rashes on your skin, but you may struggle to tell if a rash is simply harmless or a symptom of a more serious problem.

All rashes may look troublesome in one way or another. Keep reading to learn about a few crucial warning signs that a rash may need medical attention.

Skin Problems and Menopause: An FAQ

Beautiful Smile of Woman — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

Natural aging creates some inevitable physical and biochemical changes, including the transition from the childbearing years to menopause. These changes often extend to your skin’s resilience, thickness, and health, paving the way for a variety of uncomfortable or embarrassing dermatological conditions.

Thankfully, you can protect your skin against many of menopause’s effects once you understand how menopause affects the skin and what dermatologists can do for these changes. Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions on the subject.

Nail Symptoms and Their Possible Meanings

Finger Nails — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

Some people regard odd-looking nails purely as an aesthetic issue calling for the attention of a manicurist or pedicurist. In reality, these trouble signs can also indicate a variety of potential health problems. These problems often require evaluation and treatment by the appropriate medical specialist.

If your fingernails or toenail have an unusual appearance (with or without additional discomfort), you’ll benefit from a basic understanding of what these changes might mean and how treatment can address them. Take a look at some common symptoms and their potential causes.

Discolored Nails

Nails can take on some surprising colors. One common example is a dark purple color caused by an acute injury, such as when you drop a heavy item onto your toe or finger. This purple discoloration, which stems from bleeding beneath the nail bed, should resolve itself naturally (if slowly) with new nail growth.

Other discolorations may signal a nail infection. For instance, a nail that has turned white or yellow may have onycholysis, a separation of the nail plate associated with a fungal infection. Additionally, some bacteria can turn the nails green. And a dark vertical stripe on a nail may indicate possible melanoma that requires removal.

Dandruff or Scalp Psoriasis? Learn More About the Differences and Treatments

Dandruff or Scalp — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

Do you have dandruff or scalp psoriasis? While the two issues may seem similar, these conditions typically have different causes. If you’re not sure why your scalp is itchy or flaky, take a look at what you need to know about dandruff, psoriasis, and your treatment options.

What Is Dandruff?

Dry, flaky scalp skin is the hallmark of this dermatological condition. Dandruff is a common — and often misunderstood — skin and hair issue. While science hasn’t yet found a precise cause, dandruff isn’t a usually the result of poor hygiene.

If your scalp skin feels dry and lightly flakes away into your hair or onto your shoulders, chances are you have dandruff. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should self-diagnose this issue. Before you assume dandruff is at fault for your flakes, talk to a dermatologist. The dermatologist can examine the area, take a full health history, and determine whether you have dandruff or something more serious.

Want to Find the Best Dermatologist for Your Needs? Ask These Questions

Find the Best Dermatologist — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

Do you need a new dermatologist? Whether you’ve never needed a dermatologist, recently moved, or just want to switch practices, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

What Type of Conditions Do You Treat?

You need to see the dermatologist for a reason. This reason should guide your choice of doctor. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), these physicians treat over 3,000 conditions. While all dermatologists specialize in the treatment of the skin, not every physician has the same level of expertise in individual areas. Before you pick a practice, consider:

3 Cold-Weather Phenomena That Cause Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Psoriasis — New Bern, NC — East Carolina Dermatology and Skin Surgery, PLLC

As the year advances toward fall and winter, temperatures begin to cool. If you are one of over 7 million Americans who suffer from psoriasis, you may notice a change in your psoriasis symptoms during this time. Some sufferers experience an increase in the number of outbreaks. Others see their symptoms worsen.

You can better manage psoriasis symptom flare-ups when you understand how cold weather impacts your condition. Take a look at these three cold-weather phenomena that cause psoriasis flare-ups.