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Worried about a Skin Disease? Speak to One of Our Dermatologists!

The skin is prone to a wide variety of conditions, including infections, allergies, and growths—both benign and malignant. If you have a suspicious mole forming on your skin or a fast-moving rash spreading on your arm, you want answers—now. Our experienced dermatologists can almost always pinpoint the cause and nature of a condition after a proper examination and history taking. Moles and Skin Lesions are two of the most common skin irregularities we see in our clinic.


Moles are a common feature on skin. However, not all moles are the same. Regular moles are round and skin colored. Dysplastic Nevi moles are irregularly shaped benign moles. Melanoma moles indicate a dangerous type of skin cancer. They are irregular, increase in size, and can be multicolored. If you see any suspicious-looking mole, consult a dermatologist. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Skin Lesions

Known medically as actinic keratosis, skin lesions often appear on skin due to sun exposure. Skin lesions are raised, look like warts, and feel rough or crusty. They appear in multiple colors, such as red, pink, skin colored, or tan. They are slow-growing, but they can make you itch or occasionally bleed. If you think you might have a skin lesion, see your dermatologist immediately—they are pre-cancerous. If you are concerned about your skin, don’t wait! Healing and relief is just around the corner. Call our New Bern, NC office today at 252-633-4200 to schedule an appointment.